Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now what?

I think that is my new mantra.

Now what?

H. pylori.

That's what.

Yup. Nika's got it.

A couple days ago, I mentioned that the girls both had GI scopes done. The GI noted that they both had red stomachs, which could be indicative of some bacteria. That bacteria is H. pylori.

Nika's biopsy returned positive, but Payton's was negative. However ... since Payton has the red stomach, they are treating her as well. Treatment consists of two simultaneous antibiotics and Prevacid. Payton likely will also have to take Pepto Bismol, since she is already on Prevacid.


I wonder if Nika didn't come home from Russia with this. I have heard conflicting information as to how contagious H. pylori is ... but, I still want fecal samples done on the rest of us -- just to be sure.

Now what?

Throw it at me ... I'm ready.

PS ... both of their biopsies were negative for celiac -- phew.

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  1. wow. i hope the treatment works for both of them and that the rest of you are negative. about 1/2 of people have it and don't even know it???!!! I am happy that at least some good news came, and that is that they both were negative for celiac... as you said, phew!