Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 things.

1. When I was a senior in college, I won $20,000 playing dollar slots at a casino.

2. I have a biological sister that is 10 months and 10 days younger than me, making us the same age for 50 days each year. In other words, that means my mom got pregnant when I was 1 month and 10 days old. Yikes.

3. I speak Spanish. Sort of. I studied in Mexico my senior year of college. After I won the money to pay for the trip. Ha. I lived with families in Guadalajara and Mazatlan ... best.time.ever.

4. I am a victim of unexplained infertility. I had four failed IUI procedures before moving on to IVF ... both of my biological kids are IVF babies.

5. I played the clarinet in high school. Despite popular hate, I think marching bands are the coolest.thing.ever.

6. When I was growing up, I was nicknamed "Beef" by a neighbor. I wasn't overweight, so I still am not really sure where it came from. My friends called me "Babs".

7. I have lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Virginia. I get around. 

8. I was a horrible athlete in school. I used to sprain my ankles all the time. I eventually gave up. I actually have an extra bone in my left foot and anytime my foot rolled in, the extra bone would crack.

9. I used to be completely addicted to scrapbooking. Then I had kids. And there is no time for scrapbooking.

10. I met my husband my freshman year in college. He hated me. He thought I was stuck up because I never really acknowledged him ... err something. Ha. Too bad we had dorm rooms right next to each other our sophomore year. Then he fell in love. Aww.

Bonus round ...

11. I wish I was shorter. Err ... I wish my husband was taller. Yeah, that's it. I'm 5'9" ... he is 5'8" ... unless you ask him.

12. I secretly want a motorcycle. And a boat. I don't ask for much. Oh, and I would love to be a race car driver. Ha.

13. I fell through ice when I was younger ... perhaps 5th or 6th grade. We had a river behind our house. I was not allowed on it ... so I went on it, naturally. I was chopping the ice with a shovel and in I went. Wow, I was smart.

14. I have only ever had two speeding tickets. And I got both of them within one week of each other.

15. I fell asleep driving down the interstate once. I went down through the grassy median and woke up on the other side of the highway going against traffic. I am pretty sure my heart has never pumped so hard in its life.


  1. Now I know you even better, even though I have never met you. That was a cool post.

  2. WOW!!! to all except the last one made me say OMG!!!
    You sound like one cool dude!

  3. We have a lot in common- its freaky! :)

  4. LOVE this post!!

    that last one sent chills down my spine...yikes!!!

  5. #15 - really?? How did you survive that?! I loved this list - learned lots of things about you!

  6. I've just bumped into your blog, and really enjoy it! Interesting tidbits! One comment on them: my hubby and I have only 10 months and 4 days between our children number 2 and 3. But she was born almost a month early. I know - still means I got pregnant when child 2 was only a couple months old. But we love them both to pieces, and they get along pretty great! :-)

  7. :-) ... the candy bar! I assumed one of my sisters would be the reply ... was a fun surprise to see someone else! Really I could send you a Finnish Fazer candy bar, because officially you won it! But I also totally understand if you don't care to have it sent, because you don't know me from Adam - and we live in a weird world!

    One thing that really caught my attention on your blog is your attitude about children with special needs. I studied early childhood special ed quite some time ago, and I've also had the attitude that the child (or any person) is that first ... your beautiful daughter who is 3 years old, who loves music (or whatever), and has downs syndrome. Not 'my down's daughter.'

  8. great post - i loved reading your "10 things" that turned into "15 things" :) By the way - I studied in Sevilla (Spain), during my junior year and Salamanca during the summer while finishing my master's degree - so I know Spanish, also (sort of... I really need to find some way to use it a little more often, if you don't use it you lose it, you know? although - I also think it is kind of like riding a bike... it will/would come back if I "practiced" more)
    I hope #15 never happens to you ever again! SCARY STUFF!!!
    AWESOME about winning $20,000 on dollar slots, that is unbelievable!

  9. Love this post, it's fun to get to know people this way - I totally wish I could win $20,000 on a slot machine!

  10. and i have never saw you said any word in spanish ;)

  11. I'm not alone! lol my future hubby is gonna be shorter than me! lol. and the last one my heart was pumping as i read it omg!

    God Bless xx