Monday, March 8, 2010

But the children continued to play.

We have been living life in the fast lane ... and we need to slow down.

Three kids in three different schools. A broken phone. A photography business. A tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy. A baby boutique business. Two broken computers. A new venture with Juice Plus. An apraxia diagnosis. Treatment of H. pylori for three of us. A hunt for a PROMPT trained therapist. Selling a car. Four therapy sessions a week -- make that six starting next week. Treatment of ongoing skin problems for the little man. Volunteer work. And the list goes on.

We are all tired.

When we started this school year, Payton had to give up her afternoon naps. She definitely was not ready to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all day ... alas, her school schedule required it.

As I stand at the door of the bus to get Payton each day after school, I witness her stumbling down the aisle with her eyes half open -- the bus aide holding her up.

School exhausts her.


So much so, that I can collect her from the bus, carry her into the house and lay her down -- backpack and all -- with not a flinch. Makes me chuckle, really, because she is so dang precious.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I usually can't make it into the house with her without her hearing the screams of the neighborhood children. She perks up out of nowhere and can't get down to play with her friends fast enough.

She loves her friends.

Today the neighborhood children and I gathered in the driveway and danced to Alvin and the Chipmunks blaring from my car. They each had chairs and a CapriSun to fill their hands.


They loved it. They ran around and enjoyed each other's company.






Until ... the music stopped. And as I tried to figure out why, I realized my car battery was dead. Dead as a dog. 

But the children continued to play.

I love days like today. Days where I can forget about all those things in the fast lane and just live life. Dead car battery and all.


  1. I love this post Bethany!!! Love it! That picture of Payton on the couch is HILARIOUS!!!

  2. love your pictures...oh yeah your'e a photographer, guess I do lol. the picture of her asleep is priceless.

  3. Love the Sleeping Princess. And an overloaded plate like yours certainly deserves a little Alvin and friends, sorry a dead battery had to accompany it

  4. Oh... what a good Mommy you are! Love the smash face picture of Payton on the couch! So very cute!

  5. That is so cute that she will sleep with her backpack on...that picture is priceless!

  6. these pics!! Looks like it was tons of fun!! Days like these are absolutely PRICELESS.......enjoy them!

  7. LOVE the pictures - isn't playing outside the best - especially when the weather first starts to be nice!!!!!!!

  8. I laughed when I saw the sweet little Payton on the couch asleep, what a trouper. Looks like what I want to do most days. What a fun Mom you are!!!

  9. I love that picture of Payton on the couch backpack and all!

    What a fun way to spend some time in the afternoon - love the pictures!