Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A blossom. And a root beer float.

Every spring brings the blooming of the cherry blossom trees in Washington, DC. It sort of has become a running joke in our family that my husband gets to spend his birthday traveling into the city to marvel at the gorgeous blossoms.



Sounds exactly how any guy would want to spend his birthday, yes?



This year he got to spend his birthday celebrating Easter and running from camels, so he was able to forego the cherry blossoms. The kids and I ... however ... took my grandmother to see bountiful blooms earlier in the week.

She and I ... we are one in the same. Love that lady.



While we did see the cherry blossoms, we mostly sat in traffic. A lot of traffic. I'm pretty sure everybody and their brother ... and their brother's brother ... was there to see the cherry blossoms when we were. And the roads along the tidal basin cannot support all that traffic.



So you sit. And sit some more. And have photo ops that you would not have otherwise had.



We did eventually find a parking spot. Thank the Lord because I'm not sure I could take any more, "Mom ... when are we getting out of the car?!"

The kids did very well, actually ... I'm pretty sure they thoroughly enjoy sitting in a car for about two hours while inching down a road. I know I don't do. After all, I got to listen to Mason and Gigi -- as the kids call my grandmother -- bicker about Lord knows what.

"Mason! Do you like to argue? Because I certainly do!" 

Ha ... I love my grandmother.



After sitting in traffic for so long, we only spent about 20 minutes down at the tidal basin oohing and aahing over the blossoms. We had a lunch date with my husband -- one of Gigi's favorite people.

As we scurried back to the car, I watched the little momma as she put her arm around her sister. She is so damn cute, I can hardly stand it.




We took Gigi to lunch at Johnny Rockets. She had never been before, but she was happy that she could get herself a big, juicy cheeseburger.

And a root beer float. She sipped on that thing like a school girl on her first date.

I asked her how long it had been since she had a root beer float ... and she said the last time was before my grandfather passed away. It actually has been nine years today ... a piece of my soul is buried five feet under.

I miss that man. Oh, how I miss him.

My second father. My hero.


Rest assured Gramp ... I'll get Gram another root beer float. Sometime real soon.


  1. I have never seen a picture of you and Payton so close together. She looks just like you! I'm sure you hear that all the time. What cute kids! I love the sentiment of the root beer float!
    Tracy McCain

  2. You and Payton are little twinsies!!! Love the blossoms!!! GORGEOUS!

  3. Great shots!! Love the cherry blossoms :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a great time in D.C. I love the Capital area but you're right traffic is crazy.

  5. I am SOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! I so miss the cherry blossoms. When I lived there we went every year to see them. We would hop on the metro and go down and see them and then play soccer on the mall. Good times. Love the pictures, they are darling!!

  6. Your pictures take my breath away. Beautiful.

    Funny how the simplest things mean so much.. a root beer float. :)

  7. Okay, tears stop coming out my eyes cause I'm at work! You read my heart, I feel the same about my grammy and grampy... Asa is named after my grandfather, he's been gone 22 years this June. He was a wonderful man and taught me a lot in the short 12 years I got to share with him. As always - GORGEOUS pics too.

  8. awww, beth, again you made me tear up!!! i love the pics and love the little piece about gramp....i feel the exact same way!! love and miss him sooooooooooo much!!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  9. Woman-you never cease to amaze me. Love the family photo and all the others you took. Reading what you wrote made me cry once again. Keep it up!!! I wish we had cherry blossoms and the Balsis family here in Minnesota!!

  10. Beautiful pictures Bethany! The cherry blossoms are amazing!

  11. Hi! I LOVE, love, LOVE these pictures. And this blog! Just recently found your blog & am really enjoying all your stories and photos. You're a great mom! :o) Love, your new fan in California...

  12. Absolutely wonderful pictures. You are wasting your time with any other project. You absolutely have a talent. I love all your posts

  13. Your pictures are unbelievable! The blossoms look so good this year...you are making me miss DC!!