Sunday, August 1, 2010

Be the match!

A couple years ago, I registered with the National Marrow Donor Program to be a bone marrow donor. And that was only after a friend's little girl was diagnosed with leukemia ... sadly it took that for me to join the registry. Likely because I hadn't previously taken the time to educate myself about the incredible need for bone marrow donors.

Now it is your turn ... don't wait until you are directly affected by something like leukemia. You have the power to save someone's life now.

Be the match!

Last week my best friend McKenna was diagnosed with CML. Even though I'm already on the registry, I feel the need to ask you to be too ... if you aren't already. I have read far too many stories about patients dying while they wait for their match.

And you have the power to save their life!

While it typically costs money to join the registry, right now it is free! Please take advantage ... it is as easy as a swab of the cheek.

Be the match!

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  1. I'm already registered - been there for about a year :)
    I 'll pray for your friend ...

  2. Thanks for this, I am part of the registry already and will be encouraging our family and friends to do the same especially since a leukemia diagnosis may be in our not so distant future.

  3. Praying that you friend finds a match. My husband and I have been registered since college.

  4. Bethany, thank you for your support and commitment to Be The Match. By helping us spread the word about our mission and the need for donors, you are helping make life-saving transplants a reality for more patients.

  5. Weird! I just received the paperwork today to join the Anthony Nolan trust bone marrow list!! Great post!

    Anna - england