Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's do the walk ... The Buddy Walk

Every year we participate in our local Buddy Walk ... an event that promotes acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. I love this event, for obvious reasons ... but it also gives me a sense of peace.  It is a place that we belong. It is a place that brings no prejudice or criticism.

It is a place that we can be without feeling like maybe we do not fit in.


This past weekend was our walk ... but first, I have to say that my girls were both chosen to be in the NDSS Times Square slide show for the NYC Buddy Walk. I was so sad that we could not be there to see their pictures up on the big screen, but so thankful to a friend that was able to get pictures for me ...



I may be baised, but how awesome is that?! So proud of both of them ... ahh, love them!

Moving on to our walk ... err, ride ...


We have such an awesome support system around us ... and I hope that every one of those people know how much their continued support means to us. 

Having a children with Down syndrome is not something that requires support only at the time of diagnosis. We continue to have struggles throughout their lives and we continue to need support. Knowing that we have that is something that means so very much to us.

Our team ... Two Girls Tribe!


Our team raised over $4,000 this year ... so excited we can keep up this momentum from year to year! I hope everyone understands the importance of these funds for our local Down syndrome organization.


Haha ... this picture cracks me up ...


It is the freakin papparazzi! A friend of mine that was walking ahead of us took that shot ... love it!

The kids always have such a great time at the Buddy Walk. Once the walk is over, there is so much for them to do ...









A few weeks ago, my cousin gave birth to premature twin girls ... and their first outing was our Buddy Walk! Did I mention we have a great support system? Honestly ... it meant so much to us to have them there ... girls, next year you can play!



So ... about those Disney princesses ...

Note to self: from the mom of a 6 year old boy and two tomboy girls (aka: me) ... the pink princess is Sleeping Beauty and the blue princess is Cinderella. Oops. 


Okay, okay ... so I did know Cinderella wears a blue dress. I just got a little confused and since Payton doesn't know the difference, I just refer to everyone as Cinderella since that is who she knows the most. "Ella!" she says.

Second note to self: do not call Sleeping Beauty "Cinderella".  



  1. beautiful pictures =) there is nothing like that here, but loks like so much fun!!
    congrats on the times squares pictures!!

  2. How fun! Love seeing pics from buddywalks and TIME SQUARE! How exciting is that? Your family is so inspiring to me as always...can't wait for our buddywalk this Saturday...

  3. Whatttttt, your buddy walk has ponies and superheroes? I am SO coming next year. Hehe.

    and I wish I could have seen the Time Square video but I was (wo)manning the RR table in Central Park during the video showing.

  4. What a beautiful day! I wish that we could have come up for yours since we are missing ours. Love the Times Square pics, too! Does Nika love Dora or what? :)

  5. looks like you guys had a great walk! yeah you for raising so much too!!!!! great pictures!

  6. No surprise your girls made the big screen...they are beautiful! Your walk looks like so much fun...the one in our area doesn't have all those cool characters, but now I'm thinking I'll have to spread the idea :)

  7. How very cool to share your sweet girls with Times Square!

  8. Love it! Love the Buddy Walk too! :)