Friday, January 28, 2011

10 inches.

Being a midwest gal at heart, it is ridiculous to see what 10 inches of snow does to the metropolitan DC area. The entire city stands still. Quite literally.


Snow plows prepare themselves days in advance, yet once they get out there ... they don't know what to do. There has to be a rhyme to their reason ... and they are missing the rhyme. A friend that works for the department of transportation told us once that they throw these guys in the plows with no experience ... hence the huge piles of snow that get left in the most random places. Oops ... you missed that foot deep pile of snow right there, but hey ... at least you got to the right and left of it.

*shakes head*

Schools shut down. Traffic becomes a grid lock. Hearing the stories on the news today was crazy ...

It took me 12 hours to go 30 miles.

Everyone was running out of gas because they couldn't go anywhere in all the traffic.

The lady in front of me decided to just stop her car in the middle of the road to clear it from snow.

One guy built a snowman on top of his car as we sat on the interstate at a halt.

People were just abandoning their cars on the side of the highway ... and even in the middle of the road.

I had to be across town early this morning ... there definitely was a lot of entertainment on the road. I couldn't believe all the cars just deserted on the highway ... some really were just sitting in the middle of lanes of traffic, now piled with snow.


Maybe it is just me, but I can't see just leaving my car like that? I guess the traffic and weather condition was so bad that people literally could not move their cars off the side of the road. Like ... where did they go once they deserted their car ... hitch a ride with the guy behind them? So crazy.

Nonetheless ... Kyle stayed home from work today and we relaxed at home for most of the day. A long afternoon nap, enjoying the snow, a little Guitar Hero (I rock!) ... and bedtime movies and cuddles. Poor Mason is running a fever ... not quite sure what is going on, but he isn't feeling that great tonight.








Thankfully, school is already canceled for tomorrow. Maybe my kids will sleep late. Yeah, probably no chance.


  1. Your kiddos become more beautiful every day! :)

  2. that is ALOT of snow! love the pics...your kiddos are gorgeous!

  3. I am from Vancouver, and they are the same way. Life just shuts down. It's kinda nice.

  4. Love the smiles and love surrounding! Where'd you get the cute hats?

  5. When I first moved to D.C. a huge snowstorm hit and I was shocked at how the city shut down. I was like we get this much snow every year, what is wrong with you people? hahaha The stores were packed with lines to the back with people getting food. Schools were shut down for 2 weeks, it was crazy!! Fun times though. I think you guys got all our snow this year, you can already see our grass and I live in Utah.