Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey birdie birdie...

Life as I know it is crazy. I have been trying to post pictures of our spring break trip for oh... several weeks now. Yeah... can't quite seem to finish it.

So today... today, I would like to introduce you to a bird.

We have been pounded with rain. I am pretty sure it has rained more in the past several weeks than it has in the last 11 years that we have lived here. After yet another torrential downpour yesterday afternoon... we headed outside to play while we had our chance.

Hey birdie birdie.


As I stepped out onto our porch... I heard the chirpings of a baby bird. As soon as he saw me... he hopped right on over like he had been waiting to greet me. I admit... I was a little freaked out and was waiting for him to peck me.


I ran back inside the house and the dude seriously came after me! You know those moments where you think to yourself, "Is this really happening to me right now?"

Yeah... totally that kind of moment.


I had no idea what to do with this little guy. He couldn't fly more than a foot or two and he seemed to be starving. His chirpings told me so. Ha.


So feed the baby birdie we did. A worm...


Some wet bread...


Yeah... we were clueless. We later found a nest in a neighbors tree and placed the birdie there. We did not really think that was where he belonged... but figured maybe he would find a foster mommy. Ha.

The little dude was not there today though... hope he found his way. Anything had to have been better than the bucket we offered him.



Please keep Kirill and the Davis family in your prayers as they travel back to Russia and appear in the Russian Supreme Court for their appeal hearing on May 24th. Tesney and Greg are so thankful for the blessings you gave in raising nearly $20,000 for their appeal. Thank you again... a million times over!

And... if you are feeling lucky and wanting to help another orphan and have a chance at winning a DSLR camera... this time a Nikon D3000 or a $500 gift card to B&H Photo. What what!

Renee is hosting a fundraiser for the Walters family... they are adopting Dillon... a handsome little guy that happens to have Down syndrome. They travel in two days and are $6,000 short. So what do ya say... can we help this sweet family get Dillon home?

For each $5 donation... you will get a chance at winning the Nikon D3000 or a $500 gift card to B&H Photo... or a slew of other great prizes. Awesome!





  1. Oh, I really, really want that first picture as a print... could I perhaps steal it?

  2. cute , cute pics! so glad you are back...been missing your blog posts :)

  3. Oh my gosh..... that is CRAZY! What awesome pictures!!! I would have been a little freaked out too... but kuddos to you for getting a worm and feeding him, that is so awesome!! ...and what the heck kind of bird was it....? Super cute little guy!!

  4. Love the one with the worm. I gotta say, you are one great photographer. Your site has been helpful to me for that reason: the stunning photos of your children helped me see the beauty in the gift that each of my children are to me. It helped me to be less afraid of living life with Down Syndrome. Thank you.