Thursday, September 8, 2011

good things are to come.

the first day of school.
mason a handsome, mature little second grader. 
payton a kindergartener. 
addison still a preschool pipsqueak. 


i have dreaded this day for over five years.
this day that payton would start kindergarten.
this day that i would have to remove her from my wing and let her fly.


and she rocked it.
in true payton style.
if only i could be as carefree and confident as she.


she had no time for the paparazzi as we waited for the bus.
i am going to kindergarten.
i am going to ride the bus with my brother.
i will make friends.
and pretty much you should stop worrying about me.


her confidence helps my anxiety a wee bit.
and mason helps it a whole lot more.
this transition would be so much harder without him.
that is one thing i do know.


she seemed real nervous, eh?


kindergarteners moved to the front of the line to load first.
payton would not budge until mason went with her.
she is obsessed with her brother.
thankfully the feelings are mutual.


be still my heart.


i admit it.
i followed the bus to school.
day one. and day two.
had to have that visual of the unloading process.

it is good.
this momma's heart is full.

addison gets to spend her mornings with me.
she is in an afternoon preschool class with payton's old teachers.


it is amazing to me how far she has come.
her speech is coming along great.
just need a little more spontaneity.
she is blossoming into such a big girl.
love her.


she is rockin some glasses.
moved into big girl panties this past weekend.
she is rockin it.


her backpack is still bigger than she is.
has been for two years now.


can't help but think what she would be doing right now if still in russia.
likely nothing even close to what she is doing now.


so excited for her future.
good things are to come.

 blasts from the past.

watching those old videos made me cry.
this momma is now a hot mess.


  1. oh you pulled at all the momma's heartstrings here girl! Your kids are all so gorgeous! SO happy to here Payton is lovin kinder because I am already dreading it next year....and I can't stop thinking about what our little ones would be doing if they were in EE instead of here! We are blessed!

  2. Wow, Bethany! Can you believe it?! The picture of Peyton getting on the bus with her big bro gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. I can even begin to imagine Bennett getting on a bus with his sisters right now but I'm sure that day will come. So exciting for you guys! I hope they all have a great year!!

    This is Adrienne byw;)

  3. 1. they are seriously SOOO cute..
    2. cannot wait or can I? until that is Gino, Sammy and Alexa NEXT year on the bus:)
    3. how do Payton become Chicky and Addison become Nika? just curious:)
    4. big girl panties? I WOULD KILL TO GET THERE! how did you do it? I have pottry tgrained 3 boys at age 2 with ease...she is killing me!!

  4. It makes a grandafather proud!
    Love you all!

  5. Love! And I gotta give you crap for letting your kids ride without seat belts! What the crap? LOL. You did great....and so did they. Masons commentary on the day cracks me up.

  6. thanks a LOT, Bethany. 'Cause I'm sitting here freaking OUT thinking...I've got 24 months. How the HECK am I gonna find a MASON in 24 months???

    Love that handsome devil flanked by his delicious girlies. Have the best year, everybody!

  7. LOL Erin, zip it. We literally drove 200 feet around the corner. Just had the car because it was pouring out!

  8. so happy the first day went so well - nika looks like such a big girl climbing onto the bus all by herself! tears after reading about the thought of what she might be doing if she were still in russia - she is so lucky to have you guys and i can tell you are lucky to have her :) love her glasses!!!! congrats on the big girl undies too!!!

  9. Bethany, you really need to post more often, you're kids are growing up way too fast!! Beautiful as ever though. Mason seriously looks like a 6th grader.

  10. Lacia, I know. I have sucked this summer. But school is back in session and I must blog! LOL

  11. ok you all dont have to wear setbelts in the US wow. I’m so impressed with how well they all did especially Mason wow that boy has awesome verbal skills. Our son the same age has Aspergers asking him one question he starts to answer then shuts down and cant cope. How lucky are you to have a child that can recall those details for you and give you insight into your daughters day. I’m dragging my hubby to watch right now i bet Mason stands out for him to. Gorgeous family you have


  12. Awww, so awesome! Oh and I absolutely LOVE the picture of Nika with her backpack!! :)

  13. I just love the pictures of their first day. I am dreading Emma's first day on the bus with Patrick. Patrick is just like Mason. He cant wait to have Emma on the bus with him. Our girls are lucky to have such wonderful caring big brothers. Oh and we are sooo blessed to have such wonderful kids :)

  14. Holy cow, I'm crying! For all kinds of reasons-- just because those are some seriously beautiful kids, right off the bat, and because of seeing Mason & Payton---that's some sweetness, there. And Addison--- *sigh*! It's hard not to look at her and not have incredible hope and optimism about Baby J's future. <3

  15. Hi, my name is Helena S.
    I just wanted to inform you that I have downloaded your child's picture to be able to make a 1:12 scale miniature doll that looks alike once my clay skills get better. I just thought that cuteness was worth the effort. Also would love to be inclusive and raise awarness if or when I become a good miniature artist.

    If you'd rather me to delete it or have any concerns, please email me.

    Kind regards,

    Helena S.

    P.s: By your child I mean Allison with her cute glasses and blonde pony tails :)