Thursday, July 26, 2012

Expecting two.

How was it that I worded it on facebook... something like...  

Table for 7 please!! We are so excited (and shocked and nervous and excited and still shocked and...) to announce that we are expecting twins!! 

Yes, I am for real and no, this is not a joke. We are very excited and the further along we get, the more relaxed I am and the more real this gets for us. It seems I am always waiting for a bomb to fall on my head... but things are going amazingly well so far. We are a little over 8 weeks pregnant right now.

I am high risk... I'm old, I'm having twins and ya know... I have birthed a child with Down syndrome. Gasp. I have had four ultrasounds so far and that is a definite benefit to this high risk thing. Really though... I have no concerns.

Today I got a nice 3D bonus ultrasound... you can see baby B nicely, crown to rump... and baby A has his/her back to the camera, but he/she is right in the middle of the picture... mostly a back of head/spine shot. 


Mason: What kind of babies are we having?
Me: What do you mean 'what kind'?
Mason: Are we having Down syndrome babies?
Me: No baby, you can't just choose to have a baby with Down syndrome.


So many thoughts about that conversation rolling around in my head.

Anyway... so excited and I think these babies will be here before we know it. Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for us and wished us well in our journey to add to our family... I think it worked, double time.


Our summer has been crazy... somehow we find ourselves on the go all.the.time. I don't think that is about to stop either. Like a friend recently said, "I'd rather my hands be full than empty." Yes... my thoughts exactly.


We went home to Wisconsin over the 4th of July for an overdue visit to friends and family... as well as Kyle's 20th high school reunion. Eek! 

The kids got to be in the 4th of July parade with their Grandma... Mason talked about that for days leading up to the event. He was so excited.


The kids with their grandparents on the 4th of July.


We drove up to Minnesota for a day to see Kyle's Grandma and some of his other family. The kids got to spend some time on a family farm... I miss living in farmland and wish my kids could be around that more.




Four generations of love.

Mmmkay... this momma is tired. And nauseous. And hungry. 

Night night.