Tuesday, August 21, 2012

12 weeks.


Somehow I am already almost through my first trimester of pregnancy. Other than two weeks of nausea... it has been an uneventful 12 weeks. As hard as it is for me to get pregnant... my body sure handles it well once we get there.


I will be honest and say that I have had a hard time allowing myself to accept that I really am carrying two little babies in there, and frankly... just be happy about it. I think when you have gone through infertility, miscarriage, a rocky pregnancy and the trauma of receiving a diagnosis you never knew was coming at birth... well, you are always waiting for a bomb to hit. I was telling a friend yesterday that it almost seems like I don't believe that anything will ever come easy for us when it comes to adding to our family. That is a sad reality... but I think we have turned a corner.

Baby A...

We had an ultrasound yesterday for our nuchal translucency screening and everything looks great. Both babies had great neck measurements and both of their nasal bones were detected. It definitely was a relief to hear it from the doctor. Back story: Payton's nasal bone was not detected during our 20 week ultrasound with her... miraculously a level II ultrasound a week later did detect it... and we were told, "Your baby is fine... have a great life." Quite literally.

Baby B...

As they scanned the twins yesterday... we shared our experience with Payton with them. They said they were so sorry, but they couldn't help but laugh after all we went through... knowing how every screening the doctors had done had failed. We told them we were now quite skeptical when it comes to screening... they understood. Mostly we were there for the ultrasound and to see two heartbeats still pumping away... the screening results would not make a difference one way or another for us... and we were quite certain everything would be okay. More on that later.


Payton points to my belly every day and says, "Two babies." It is so cute. We have a whole lotta love in this house to give these babies... hope they don't get overwhelmed. Ha...

This is getting more and more real... love them so much already and we are beyond excited.


We vacationed this summer in Myrtle Beach with my mom, sister and her family. We don't get to see my sister, brother-in-law and nieces very often since they moved... so it was nice to just have a week to hang out. It has sort of become a tradition of sorts for the kids to jump in the ocean fully clothed the night we get there... this year was no different. They love it... err, Mason and Payton love it... Nika was off somewhere watching, I'm sure.



Grandma and her grandbabies.

My niece Maya is the cutest friggen little thang with her piggies in her hair. Mason was playing with her when we were on vacation... and he suddenly proclaimed, "We are going to have two of you! We are so lucky!" Okay, be still my heart... love that kid.




So... while we were in Myrtle, we went on the SkyWheel 20-story-ferris-wheel of death. No way... never again. 

Payton cried. Mason cried. My sister cried (shhh). Not a joke... and I nearly had a panic attack because my kids were so upset. We almost had to push the emergency stop button before we even made it around once. No thank you... I'm good with my feet planted on the ground.



Cherish the memories.



  1. Yay for 12 weeks!!! I am so excited for your family. Can't wait to see them smothered in love :)

  2. Love the belly shot! You look great and the babies are of course adorable!

  3. Love it all- two babies, the ultrasounds, an uneventful 12 weeks, the Myrtle Beach vacation with family! I get the feeling of "when will the other shoe drop", but maybe you could consider that you're due for "easy". Fingers crossed, prayers said. oxox

  4. 2 babies! Loved seeing the images of them~ and your growing belly. If I can't see you in real life I'll take this. : ) Love you mama!

  5. The belly is look'n good! Looks like a wonderful vacation! Beautiful pictures...enjoy! Smiles

  6. I recently found your blog and have to say you have such a beautiful family! Congrats on the twins!!! Praying the rest of your pregnancy is happy and healthy! Best of luck to all of you.

  7. Love these pics! Wow, already through the first trimester, that's great :-)

  8. Love the family memories...looking at that last picture was a glimpse into your future! So ecstatic for your family!

  9. Ultra sound pictures helps a lot by providing the health status of a baby. Nice pics!!

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  10. The kids are all getting so big! Thanks for sharing. Also glad to hear you are feeling good. What a great looking belly!!!

  11. i've 'know' you since Payton's birth, and I have laugh,cry,learn from you,,i am truly happy about your pregnancy, and i just love watching your 'pregnancy' updates, your pinterest board updates that reflects so much love and so many dreams. you totally deserve this, your family is awesome in every way.

    congrats once again :)

  12. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post, I've been waiting for an update and this delivered! Praying for you all!

  13. Enjoy yourself!! Relax!! Tie your shoes, instead of waiting for one of them to drop. I am so excited for these two babies! Love love love you!!!

  14. Congratulations, Bethany! I'm so excited for you!
    Heather F.

  15. Happy 12 Weeks (Now 13?)! Those twinsie pictures are so cute and I'm just so thrilled for you + your family! I hear you on feeling like maybe nothing will come easy when it comes to growing your family, but you know what I say? Hope for the best and know that if it doesn't go as planned, you are equipped, you have a whole lot of love to give (as you mentioned), and that everything has a way of working out exactly as it should be. :)

    That's awesome that you only had 2 weeks of morning sickness! WOW! Your body really does go easy on you once you are pregnant! ;) And how cute is Payton saying two babies! That's just adorable! :)

    I get all giddy over your precious baby bump pictures. It's so amazing. Keep 'em coming!

  16. LOVE that belly picture!!!!

    I know I've already said this a million times, but here is 1 million and 1, I am SO happy for you!! So glad those babies "stuck"... I feel so emotionally invested in these two babies, riding the roller coaster with you, lol! xoxo

  17. Congrats pregnancy is awesome and your family is going to be surrounded by love their whole lives

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