Monday, October 1, 2012

one boy, one girl.

I think being an infertility patient, I always knew that twins could be in our future. But it didn't happen with Mason... and it didn't happen with Payton. So I guess I really thought it would not ever happen. Clearly the third time is a charm, right?

I can't lie and say that my mind never wandered... and I always said that if we did have twins... ever, in our lives... that one boy and one girl would be perfect for our family. Mason would get a brother... which seriously is what he wants so badly... and we would get our typical girl... a sister for the girls.

One boy, one girl it is.


We had a little gender reveal party to reveal to our family and closest friends the sex of the babies. We have actually known since around nine weeks... our infertility doctor was able to get that information from a genetics study we participated in and our nurse left the information on my voice mail. We really had not planned to find out that way... but my screams to drown out her voice mail before I could turn my phone off did not work.

One boy, one girl. We are so happy.


No party of ours is a party without some fun little details. We order a box o'sandwiches from Pot Belly, which worked perfect. Add a fruit salad, some pasta salad and some sweets... wa la. For drinks, we had pink lemonade and some assortment of blue gatorade.




One boy, one girl.



  1. Got goose bumps and tears! Bummed we missed it. Can't wait to hold and rock those precious little babies. xoxo

  2. It was an awesome revel and so happy to be part of it

  3. lovely photos, lovely party, and beautiful way to share this beautiful moments. yes the tirth time is a charm, and i have say it, but i will say it again, God was hearing your prayers, your thoughts, your dreams, in the middle of every tear, in the middle of every sad moment, He was preparing something special for yoy, the moment is now! enjoy every moment of it :)


  4. love love love you are so blessed! What a beautiful family!!!! LOVE THE DETAILS!

  5. Couldn't have ordered that more perfectly! How exciting! And holy cow, you are quite the entertainer, girl. :)

  6. Congratulations!! What are their names going to be?

  7. sooooo excited for you all....such a beautiful, lucky family those babies are coming into to!!!!!

  8. Such exciting news! Congratulations to you Bethany and your beautiful family:) And what an adorable party. Everything that you do is incredible. Parenting, photography, advocating, adopting, parties and the list goes on! The world is a better place because of people like YOU:)

    Susan from Boston

  9. Perfect!!! This made me cry!! I am beyond words happy for you for all of this!!! Love ya

  10. I have never met you, but I am sooooo happy for you.You and your family deserve the best after what you have done for Nika!I really wish you the rest of the pregnancy safe and healthy.The party and the ideas are really original!

    Sara - the fertility community

  11. It shouldn't ever really matter whether a baby is a girl or a boy,plenty of studies by parent child development pyschologists show that girl and boy infants are born biologically more alike than different with very few differences,but are perceived and treated systematically very differently by parents and care givers right from the moment of birth on. Sorry to say,but the catagorizing of balloons and cup cake icing as pink and blue,is already gender stereotyping your unborn babies.

    1. I'm sorry you are so unhappy in your life that you feel the need to come here to ruin other's happiness. Us sharing the sex of our babies with our friends and family has nothing to do with your views on gender stereotyping, "Anonymous".

    2. Wow 'anonymous' you sure are bold under your 'anonymous' title there! Maybe you should STFU and mind your own business and keep your nasty comments to yourself unless you can 'man up'(I bet that pisses you off that I said man up, doesn't it? And yes I am stereotyping) and put your name behind your words. I mean seriously...babies are born more alike than different huh? But still different right? Baby boys aren't born with a way to give birth to a child and baby girls aren't born with parts that make it easy to pee standing up...but we're born more alike than different huh? Since the beginning of time women have taken care of the babies and the men went and hunted for food. It's because we are born with those instincts. The fact that you are harping on this family for using pink and blue is rediculous. You have issues. Seriously psychological issues, and for the sake of the rest of us go get yourself checked, and for crying out loud don't his behind anonymous!!!!

    3. Not so anonymous on Litchfield St in Philly, are we? Just sayin '

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